Pregnancy #2 FAQ

I’ve been getting lots of questions about my second pregnancy and family life, so I figured I’d do a little FAQ. Y’all ready? Let’s go. How far along are you/ when are you due? I’m due end of August. Bring on the summer heat and swollen feet. Let me drop a beat, I’m 23 weeks. … More Pregnancy #2 FAQ

God Is Still Good

Whether you’ve been in the loop, or just felt impressed to pray for my family recently, a sincere thank you. In the recent months I can’t help but be in awe at the faithfulness and mercy God has shown my family in the season life has tossed our way… We made the transition to leave the … More God Is Still Good

She Has Brown Skin

This is something I haven’t spoken openly about outside of conversations with my husband. However, I read recently that artists force people to see the world differently. So here we go… I am Hispanic. I have brown skin. When I was a teenager, I went into a store with my mom, sister, and a friend. … More She Has Brown Skin

Moms are Superheroes

Capes, masks, super-human powers, cool names, and sidekicks. I’ve always thought of superheroes as those guys in comic books and movies. It was cool to catch a flick and cheer them on. Like, whoa, that guy can save the world in 90 minutes? Pretty impressive. And then I grew a human inside of me. For … More Moms are Superheroes

Back Attack

Hey y’all, sorry it’s been awhile! I’ve just been busy GIVING BIRTH and caring for a NEWBORN. No big. There will be much for me to say on the aforementioned subjects. For now, let us just rejoice in the fact that your girl is alive and well, and dance together to the newest jam of all … More Back Attack