Don’t Call It a Comeback 

Hey y’all, sorry it’s been awhile! I’ve just been busy GIVING BIRTH and caring for a NEWBORN. No big.
There will be much for me to say on the aforementioned subjects. For now, let us just rejoice in the fact that your girl is alive and well, and dance together to the newest jam of all the jams, “WTF (Where They From)” by Missy Elliot for the following reasons:
  • Missy just made a comeback. I am making a comeback. To this blog.
  • Missy is my spirit artist (see “spirit animal”). If I were a hip hop artist, it would be her. All. Day.
  • You cannot help yourself but move to these beats. If you do not, you are no fun and we can no longer kick it.
  • Pharrell helped produce this track and spits a mean few bars. He also encouraged Missy to get back at it.

Four for you Missy! You go, Missy! (said in the “You go, Glen Coco” voice.)

More on Missy’s comeback in this killer Rolling Stone article HERE. More on this blog’s comeback in future posts.

Dance with me,

Christina, the cool mom.


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