She Has Brown Skin

This is something I haven’t spoken openly about outside of conversations with my husband. However, I read recently that artists force people to see the world differently. So here we go…

I am Hispanic.
I have brown skin.

charisse-kenion-502611-unsplashWhen I was a teenager, I went into a store with my mom, sister, and a friend. We went to go pick out a lipstick. We met my mom back at the check-stand where I overheard the clerk list off my purchases to someone over the phone. I mentioned this to my mom as we walked out of the store in a ‘that-was-weird’ sort of way.

My mom gently took my hand, walked confidently back into the store, and addressed the clerk. The clerk apologized. She assumed I had stolen from them because she said I was “acting strange.”

I’ve never stolen anything in my life.

I am Hispanic.
I have brown skin.

rhendi-rukmana-207921-unsplashWhen I was a teenager, I remember having a big crush on this boy in school. He asked me out and we dated. He had this group of friends who were ridiculous. Weeks later, he broke up with me. The reason? His friends told him “You need to break-up with her. Her skin is too dark.”

I am Hispanic.
I have brown skin.

I’ve been teased about my hair, my skin, my acting too this race or that.

I say this for vulnerability’s sake, being all too aware people have suffered FAR worse for being of a different skin color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation… basically, DIFFERENT. I do not ask for sympathy.

I say this because if you KNOW me, you know that I am a hell of a lot more than a Hispanic woman with brown skin. I am proud of my heritage, ethnicity and gender, but there’s more to me than meets the eye.

I say this so you can love your neighbor like you love me and celebrate the things that make them different than what you may be comfortable with.

I say this because there is too much hate in the world and on the Internet, and not enough grace and love. LOVE your neighbor. Consider what makes them beautiful. Celebrate your differences.

See people.




6 Replies to “She Has Brown Skin”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have experienced this as well being Hispanic and it’s awesome to hear you speak out about this and share your experience. Love and Grace is a beautiful thing. I love all your blogs. Keep doing your thing girl and keep sharing your heart it’s inspiring.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! Love and grace are indeed beautiful and so, so desperately needed in the world today. I will absolutely keep writing! Thanks again.

  2. Christina,
    So good to hear from you! I hope mommy hood is going well💞 and Tim is keeping up with daddy hood. I’ve always know you to be a women of truth and passion. You’re so right we need more grace for all humankind. Miss you and I really need to meet Jackson.
    Love Martha 💖

    1. Martha! Thank you for your beautiful words. They truly mean a lot. Motherhood is incredible. Can’t wait for you to give Jackson a squeeze. It’s long overdue! Much love you and the Leal fam!

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