Pregnancy #2 FAQ

I’ve been getting lots of questions about my second pregnancy and family life, so I figured I’d do a little FAQ. Y’all ready? Let’s go.

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How far along are you/ when are you due?

I’m due end of August.

Bring on the summer heat and swollen feet. Let me drop a beat, I’m 23 weeks.         *Marks beginning and end of my rap game.*

PS: If I answer you in weeks, months, or just give you the due date, please feel free to convert that to your own preference in your head. I’m too tired to do the math for you, bc pregnancy brain is real and where’s my toddler running off to?

Were you guys trying?

First of all, ew. Don’t be all up in our marriage bed like that. But yes, haha! We wanted our kiddos to be two years apart and it’s pretty much happening almost to the date. Joint birthday parties until it’s not cool anymore. HAY!

Is this pregnancy like your last one?

Pretty much. Nauseous in the first trimester with aversions to coffee, tea, and Meyer’s hand soap. Now that I’m in the second trimester, aversions and nausea are gone and I have more energy.

Are you sure you’re not having twins?

Um, yes. Would you like to come to my prenatal appointments with me to confirm? That can be arranged. I carry big because my mom carried big. Also, I’m 5’1, so where else is this baby gonna go but straight out?

Is it a girl or a boy?

A boy! He and Jackson will be best buds! No, I’m not disappointed that I’m not having a girl. My babe is healthy and that mother-son bond is like no other. We are so excited!

Does Jackson (our almost 2yr old son) understand there’s a baby in your belly?

Sure does! He points at my belly and says “baby” and kisses, shares his snacks/sippy cup, and snuggles on my belly before naps. If you ask him, “where’s brother?” he will proudly point to himself… on a good day.

Thanks for all the love and well wishes, y’all! Keep us in prayer for a continued healthy pregnancy, childbirth and recovery. Excited for our baby boy!



Christina Lynne




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