When You Want to Be Holy but Bae Looks Good

Hey, what’s up, hello. This is one of my favorite topics on dating: keeping your walk solid while dating. I want to commend you for reading this article. Whether you are single or in a relationship, reading this means that you are already pursuing what is right in a Christian relationship.

But first, a little bit about me:

  • I’m going on 4 years of marriage with my best friend and we have the cutest kid your eyes will ever see. No, I’m not an ancient oracle on the subject of dating, but I haven’t been married so long that I’ve forgotten what it was like to be single and/or dating.
  • I’ve had skin in the dating game since before the time I was allowed to date (sorry mom and dad).
  • I’ve been through enough heartbreak and broken promises to understand that the dating struggle is real. But I have grown to see that God used all of that to work together for good in my life, just like He promised He would.

So you want to be holy, but bae just looks real good. While dating, I often found myself asking, how far is too far? The answer? My question was too far. That mindset already assumes bae has replaced Jesus as the primary pursuit. And now? Jesus is just a sidepiece. Let’s recalibrate, shall we?

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