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Ladies of the internet, you’ve got a sh*t ton of content flooding your way about how you should look, #relationshipgoals, and far too many latte selfies. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.05.44 PMAllow me to introduce you to my blog and call you into the hope and fullness God has for your life. Whether you know Jesus, knew Jesus, or want to know about Jesus- this blog is for you. (Psst, my writing has also been featured on Passion for Christ Movement). 

I want to challenge you to a higher standard of Christian living. I’ve spent the last decade linking arms with young women in celebration, grief, and all the feelings in-between. Here’s what I know:

Study (God’s Word) like Hermione. 

Have confidence like Beyoncé. 

Love like Jesus. 

How else will you change the world? Let’s do it together. 


Christina Lynne